Mack made it out, but no one followed him. Eighteen years later, in Ohio's Death House in Lucasville, Mack wore a suit jacket and tie to watch the man who started the fire die by lethal injection. He was arrested and admitted to setting the fire the following morning, but he always maintained that he didn't mean to kill the children and he thought they would escape the house.


Garner was 37 when he was executed. Instead, he said he wanted them to find peace. A situation that, undoubtedly, aged him. Something makes the situation more tragic: When Garner set the fire, his mental age was the same as Mack's -- That's according to the psychologists who evaluated Garner for his clemency hearing. We've seen recent cases in which a suspect is spared the death penalty due to a low IQ or obvious developmental or intellectual disability.

His adaptive functioning has consistently been measured within the defective range. However, the "unusual magnitude" of the murder case led the Ohio Parole Board to unanimously support Garner's execution in He said he stole it from the emergency room at University Hospital on Jan. He said he took a cab to the home address listed on Addie Mack's ID and used her key to enter the house with the intention to steal items.

Garner's rap sheet showed arrests for theft beginning when he was In most cases, he was placed on house arrest. Garner knew the children were home. In fact, he told police that one girl woke up in the night and asked him for a glass of water.

death row vault

Garner gave her a glass of water and sent her back to bed. Garner said he was "worried about his fingerprints" in the home and made a "snap judgment" to set fire to the house. It was an attempt to cover up the crime and eliminate witnesses, prosecutors said.As of January 1,there were 2, death row inmates in the United States. Comparatively, the U. Census Bureau Comparatively, Comparatively, it is estimated that 4.

Due to the high number of federal death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed on this page. A full list is externally linked:. Due to the high number of death row inmates in Alabama, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. Capital punishment exists as a punishment in American Samoaan unincorporated territory of the United Statesbut does not have a prescribed method of execution.

No executions have been imposed or performed since the territory gained self-governance in ; the last executions occurred in the late 's, when the island was under the control of the United States Navy. Due to the high number of death row inmates in Arizona, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article.

Before Ame was squeezed into the trunk, she was forced to do jumping jacks, backbends and run around in degree heat for over an hour.

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Then the trunk was padlocked. The state alleges that Ame Deal suffered horrific abuse throughout her life. Approximately one hour before Joe's murder, his wife Wendi had called at the behest of a co-worker, claiming that her terminally ill husband was dying. When paramedics arrived however, Wendi turned them away, stating that Joe had a do-not-resuscitate order, and that his wish was to die. Paramedics left the scene.

One hour later, Wendi called again, reporting that she had stabbed and beaten her husband to death in self-defense. She also made claims that her husband was physically and psychologically abusive toward her.

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However, being that Joe was weak from chemotherapy and the sodium azide poisoning, he was unable to defend himself. Wendi was charged with murder. Due to the high number of Arkansas death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article.

Due to the high number of California death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. InGovernor John Hickenlooper indefinitely delayed Dunlap's execution, saying he had doubts about the fairness of Colorado's death penalty. He stopped short of converting Dunlap's death sentence to life in prison and said he would leave it to his successor to address the case.

He left office in January and was replaced by Jared Poliswho promised to continue the moratorium. In Marchthe death penalty was repealed by the Colorado Legislature for any crimes committed after July 1, Thus, the law did not extend to the three men above who had been on death row at the time.

Nonetheless, on March 23,Governor Jared Polis commuted the sentences of these three men to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Due to the high number of Florida death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article.

death row vault

Due to the high number of Georgia death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. Due to the high number of Kentucky death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. Due to the high number of death row inmates in Louisiana, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article.

A full list of Louisiana death row inmates is not available. Due to the high number of death row inmates in Mississippi, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article.Pen Pal Request :. Pen Pal Application :. Click Here to download our pen pal application! FAQ :. Please Read Prior to Writing an Inmate :.

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If you have any questions, please Contact Us. Prior to writing inmates on this or any website, certain precautions should be used. We strongly suggest you get a post office box and we also encourage you to research the inmate prior to writing. We provide an Inmate Locator for states that allow an online search of their inmates. For states that do not have an inmate locator, you may contact the appropriate institution to verify information.

Vault Systems. Pen Pal Application : Click Here to download our pen pal application! Be sure to check our Prison Pen Pals Ads as we add new inmates daily. The newest ads are listed at the top of the male, female, death row, and international categories.DreThe D. By the late s, the label began to decline after the death of its star artist, Tupac Shakur, imprisonment of co-founder Suge Knightand the departures of Dr.

Dre and Snoop Dogg. Although Death Row was enjoying financial success, it was embroiled in controversies, lawsuits, and violence by its artists and associates. In the lates, N. A 's producer Dr. Dre, signed to Eazy-E 's Ruthless. As head of production at the label, Dr. Dre produced a large number of Ruthless projects, many of them successful; feeling the pressures of having to produce so many acts and feeling he was underpaid, Dr.

Dre became frustrated with Ruthless. Convinced that Jerry Heller was dishonest, they approached Dr. Dre about forming a label with them, away from Heller. Dre and Michel'le. Dre and Suge Knight along with partners The D. Although the name of their new music venture was originally called Future ShockThe D. Unknown stated in an interview that he created the name "Def Row" for a potential deal to start another record label under Morgan Creek.

Dre and his partners in July and by the name changed to its eventual title of Death Row. After shoving Van Winkle's bodyguards aside, Knight sat down in front of Van Winkle, staring at him before asking "How you doin'? According to Vanilla Ice, Knight took him out on the balcony by himself, and implied he would throw Vanilla Ice off unless he signed the rights to the song over to Knight; Van Winkle's money helped fund Death Row.

With the help of Kenner, Knight began signing young, inner-city California -based artists and arranged for Death Row Records to handle the soundtrack for the film, Deep Cover. The single, " Deep Cover ", established Dr. Work soon began on The ChronicDr. Dre's debut solo album, which heavily featured Snoop and the rest of the label's core roster. The album went on to sell 5. After finding solo success, Dr. Dre began crafting Snoop Dogg's debut album Doggystyle ; the process took two years.

Snoop's debut was released in due to public demand and high pressure from retailers. Though unfinished, [22] it outperformed The Chronic at Quadruple Platinum[23] and garnered similarly glowing reviews. Delores Tucker and Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle sparked [ citation needed ] by criticizing gangsta rap for being against American values, degrading to black women, and encouraging violence towards police officers.

death row vault

Bythe label began to flood with Suge Knight's cronies—friends and gang members fresh out of jail, as well as off-duty LAPD officers later implicated in the Rampart scandal working as security.The serial killer did not want to hurt anyone else.

But at the time, he never could have foreseen that, almost two decades later, he would still be rotting away in a dark cell at San Quentin State Prison. Ford, now 54, is one of the men and women living on death row in California, where court challenges have prevented an execution since and the appeals process can span decades as cases are passed between state and federal courts.

On Tuesday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation let the San Francisco Examiner and other members of the media pass through the gates of San Quentin to experience a brief moment of life on death row.

In just a few months, voters across the state will be asked to decide whether to speed up the appeals process for condemned inmates or repeal the death penalty. The competing ballot measure in November, Proposition 66, also cites the economic savings that not having hundreds of death row prisoners would have on the state, but argues that the appeals process should be reformed to speed up executions.

Based on the accounts of several condemned men, life on death row can seem mundane. A majority of the death-row inmates at San Quentin live in cells stacked five-tiers high in a bleak building offering little color except for the American flag hanging on the wall.

Armed guards pace the raised walkways, their keys jangling as inmates yell in their cells. Many of the inmates suffer from mental health issues. He said his own mental health problem — chronic depression — worsened on death row until mental health services there were improved under court order several years ago. Now, prison workers check on condemned inmates every half hour, according to Ford. InSan Quentin created a Psychiatric Inpatient Program for men on death row, providing 40 beds in a prison hospital for those in crisis.

But even with these improvements, life on death row is a bleak and dull existence. Nearby, the Adjustment Center for inmates with behavioral issues greets visitors with cracked windows on the doors. Darrell Lomax, 46, is one of the two dozen condemned men there.

He was sent to death row in for robbery and murder. Outside in the yard, where condemned inmates can take several hours of recreation time a day, year-old Joey Perez was one of the condemned men locked alone in rows of empty cages with nothing but pull-up bars inside.

This is a dog kennel. This is a miserable-ass life. Perez, a San Francisco native who grew up in the Excelsior and spent most of his life in state custody, was convicted of a murder in In another outdoor cage, Donald Ray Debose, Jr.

San Quentin also houses Scott Peterson, who gained notoriety for the slaying of his pregnant wife. Tuesday, August 16, Organizers call off 50th anniversary parade over coronavirus concerns. Citing need for jail beds amid coronavirus, Sheriff Miyamoto opposes plan. Gavin Newsom says California needs to increase testing, protect high-risk residents… Continue reading.

Facility closes down for cleaning after 91 test positive for coronavirus. Many cannabis retailers adapting with expanded delivery services, curbside pickup.Twenty-five years ago, Ohio prison inmates killed nine of their own and one corrections officer during an day riot at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio.

About prisoners took part in the riot that started on Easter Sunday, April 13, The riot ringleaders were identified as members of various gangs, including Black Muslims and Aryan Brotherhood. On the first day, rioters took over Cellblock L and brutally beat and stabbed five inmates to death and tossed their bodies in the exercise yard.

The victims were considered snitches. Four others were killed over the next few days.

Signs of guilt in a woman

Rioters also took eight prison guards hostage. Ringleaders insisted on talking to TV and newspaper reporters to make their complaints and demands known. Chief among them: Abusive treatment and overcrowding. They sat across each other at a table with a microphone that broadcast their conversation live to TV and radio stations across the state.

George Voinovich, whose father had designed the prison, called in the Ohio National Guard to support police and sheriff units from around the state. There was no place for them to sleep, so they took up with hogs, cows and sheep in the prison barns.

Snoop Doggy Dogg Ft Shaq & Mista Grimm - Work It Out (Unreleased '96)

Officials shut off electricity and water to Cellblock L when the riot began. A breakthrough occurred on the sixth day when food and water was sent in. Over time, two guards were released and most of the inmates in the cellblock walked out and surrendered. About 60 remained when the standoff entered its second week. Five inmates were sentenced to death for their roles in the riots but remain on death row.

death row vault

Out of 50 inmates who faced charges, 47 were convicted. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. From the Vault: Nine inmates, one guard killed in Lucasville prison riot Watch archived video. On the first day, rioters brutally beat five inmates to death and tossed their bodies in the exercise yard.

One was strangled by cords, after paper and plastic were shoved in his mouth. The rioters took eight prison guards hostage. WATCH autopsy reports reveal horrible details of inmates' deaths:. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.The Digital Scrapbook of the Catlick Podcast.

End-of-Catlick Merch Sale happening now! Good through April 3rd. Click here to shop. A group of men take a midnight hike up Stone Mountain to host a dark ceremony.

The governor of Georgia must make a decision that could end his political career and endanger his own life. And when a secretive group of powerful men plan a vigilante raid on a government compound, American history will be forever changed.

An undercover operative infiltrates the highest ranks of strike management, sowing deep division amongst its leaders.

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Meanwhile, a local religious group calls on the feds to investigate the mill, and Oscar Elsas plots a nasty revenge. And with Leo Frank still on death row, a local attorney comes forth with a stunning admission.

As word of the strike spreads, donations and well-wishes begin to pour in from other low-wage workers around the city. Meanwhile, Oscar Elsas launches a counter-strike, marshaling a secret coalition of mill owners, an army of undercover informants, and a calamitous raid of the mill village. On the eastern edge of Atlanta, the wealthy but aging owner of an enormous cotton mill passes the torch to his son.

However, trouble is brewing as workers become increasingly irate over brutal working conditions and the slum-like state of the mill village. Meanwhile, a world-famous private eye arrives in Atlanta and makes a stunning accusation in the Leo Frank case.

A horse slasher, a Gospel choir, motorcycle races, and whiskey gangs made the summer of one to remember in Atlanta. But it was the trial of Leo Frank that really had the town buzzing. By late August, the two dueling legal teams wrap up their closing arguments, and then—a verdict. The investigation into who killed little Mary Phagan takes a dramatic turn when a factory worker spots a man washing a red substance out of a work shirt.

And as rumors of sexual misconduct swirl, a grand jury makes a crucial ruling—setting the stage for a blockbuster trial that will be debated for the next years.

Atlanta police work around the clock to track down suspects in the murder of a year old factory worker. Meanwhile, rival newspapers wage an all-out war to cover the most sensational murder mystery in the history of the state. In Forsyth County, a vicious welcome awaits several black families who return to their homes in early And a brand new drama takes center stage when a night watchman makes a shocking, late-night discovery in the basement of an Atlanta factory.

State militia escorts the prisoners north from Atlanta as local officials in Forsyth County prepare for a blockbuster trial. Meanwhile, masked men escalate their midnight raids on black communities.

When a white woman is found bludgeoned and unconscious, hysteria takes over a rural community. A man is arrested and a mob of thousands demand blood. Later, a brand new terror is unleashed in the moonlit hills of Forsyth County.

Far north of Atlanta, a brand new saga unfolds when a woman wakes to the site of a strange man standing in her bedroom. Panic turns to outrage, as locals—armed for war—flood a small town square. Was the Ripper a wealthy white planter from the swamps of south Georgia who commuted to Atlanta by rail for weekend killing sprees? Was a booby-trapped cottage deep in the woods of south Georgia a demented plot of the Atlanta Ripper?

Death Row Records

After exhaustive research, B. After an Atlanta grand jury publicly declares that the Ripper is a myth, three more bodies are discovered. Police take a man into custody and present indisputable evidence that THE Atlanta Ripper is finally behind bars. In January, Atlantans are hopeful is less bloody than the year before. The new year also brings the announcement that the biggest name in American journalism is coming to Atlanta. Local authorities arrive at a scene so gruesome, one paper calls it, "the most atrocious murder Meanwhile, black clergy take drastic measures to protect their women, and a publication thousands of miles from Atlanta proposes a radical new theory about the killer's identity.