Traditional African Medicine – ‘Muti’, Sangoma, Inyanga

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Excess calcium can also lead to alkalosis.Muthi is a term for traditional medicine in Southern Africa as far north as Lake Tanganyika. In South African Englishthe word "muti" is derived from the Zulu word umuthimeaning "tree," whose root is -thi. In Southern Africa"muti" and cognates of umuthi are in widespread use in most indigenous African languages as well as in South African English and Afrikaanswhich sometimes use "muti" as a slang word for medicine in general.

Since the pronunciation of the initial vowel of this class is unstressed, the singular is sometimes pronounced muthi.

The word is rendered as muti by the historical effects of the British colonial spelling. In colloquial English and Afrikaans the word "muti" is often used to refer to medicines in general or medicines that have a 'miraculous' effect, e.

African traditional medicine makes use of various natural products, many derived from trees and other plants. Botanical medicine prescribed by an inyanga or herbal healer is generally known as "muthi", but the term can apply to other traditional medical formulations, including those that are zoological or mineral in composition. Vulture brains are used for prophecy in muthi. Isicakathi is a term that is used by Xhosa people when referring to plants with major pharmacological and therapeutic properties that are used as medicine for various ailments.

The people in the Eastern Cape of South Africa still strongly rely on traditional medicine and believe in its potency as an alternative to western medicine.

Agapanthus praecox is one of the plants that falls under isicakathi used during pregnancy. It is taken orally from the six month of pregnancy until delivery. The plant is put in a container full of water and half a cup of that water is taken orally, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

The wilting of the plant is regarded as a symbol with regards to the baby's health, usually associated with death. Isicakathi is widely used to induce easy childbirth. Rhoicissus tidentata is used to induce labour; its root can be used to prepare an enema. Erythrina lysistemon is used to induce labour pains during the childbirth process via pieces of the trunk's bark bound together and infused for the woman to drink.

The crushed bulb of gunnera perpensa is used to reduce swelling of the feet by infusing with boiling water and ingesting. The mixture is given to the baby to ingest every day for two months. An ointment is used to hasten the parturition of the baby and placenta using the leaves of scutia mytina. Erythrina humeana is used to heal the umbilical cord of the baby by burning the bark and using the powder to apply on the baby. Occasions of murder and mutilation associated with some traditional cultural practices in South Africa are also termed muti killings.

More correctly known as medicine murderthese are not human sacrifices per se - but rather involve the murder of someone in order to excise body parts for incorporation into medicine used in witchcraft.

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Fringe medicine and science. Conspiracy theories.This time I would like us to to talk about umuthi. These are various plants that can be used for healing various physical ailement like asthma, kidneys, acne, swollen feet, etc and spiritual ailments like restlessness, evil spirits, etc.

Now with this article I will ruffle a few feathers as my fellow collegues dont want this information to come out no matter how minor it is but I am writting this article to educate those who need it. There are alot of plants which are harvested in different ways and certain rituala have to be followed. For example, the Umdlebe tree. Before taking a part of this tree, a goat has to be slaughtered in order for it to work effectively. This tree help with alot of work to do woth the spirits and is not allowed to enter a persons house as it can sometimes cause death.

The following muthi raises alot of arguments to sangomas. The Umboziso plant is said not to enter indumb or isigodlo as it kills the spirit of the other muthis within.

types of muthi

Hereforth the question rises, this muthi is used when making izimbiza, doesnt it affect the mbiza then? Imithi for bringing closer ancestors like isimemo, amaphakama, iluru, umoya wezwe, etc are to be kept in a safe place at all time as they help with communication and divination. Then there are plants which have different uses in different cultures. For example the Umgamazi tree is used as good firewood in rural eastern cape whilst amongst the nguni initiated sangomas, its use is to stregnthen the power of that ancestor.

There is alot of learning that needs to be done and umuthi works according to the specifications of that ancestor and you may find at times that umuthi that you did not think you can use for healing a headache actually works.

Thats why most of the times im shocked when meeting fellow sangomas who have 20ltrs of pre-mixes muthi and give everyone the same muthi for e stomach bug e. You will find that although that pre-mix you have is not suitable for that particular patient.

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Then what do you do? This is why umuthi needs to be mixed individually no matter how busy you are. Its a part of quality control that you will be using by listening to that persons ancestor as to what should be mixed for that client in order to help him or her.

A typical example is a headache.It is also used as herbs by traditional healers. With different mixtures of muthi, many traditional healers use it to solve different love problems.

Muthi Magic in South Africa

They are very many types of strong muti for love you can choose from depending on the problem you have. These kinds of muthi are used to solve different types of love problem and they give out best outstanding results depending on your needs and wants.

This article contains many types of muthi. Unless if you have time and want to know more about what different kinds of muti does. Leo has got various kind of muthi for love. Leo offers that will help you go through your problem.

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All you have to do is to put a small powder of Muthi on something he or she is going to eat or drink like milk as you're charting some useful incantations. Are you attracted to someone? Here on African soils we do have very many different types of roots muthi spells that can be used to make someone to fall in love with you, look at these names of examples that can be used to either by smoking or in powder form that can make someone fall in love with you deeply.

Ssere muthi spells: roots these strong muthi spells are used to make someone think about you, dream about you constantly. Way back from our grand fathers and mothers ssere muthi spells were used to make man or women fall in love with each other, ssere muthi spells, are dried smashed into powder form then put it on something that person he or she going to eat with in days dont be suprised when you get an expected call from him or her asking you for a date, Is this page useful to you?

Email Jajja Bamu Now. Your email.Zulu traditional medicines or umuthi have changed very little over the ages.

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The administrators of these traditions have various roles in the Zulu society. Both the inyanga and isangoma must acquire their knowledge through a long apprenticeship, the isangoma however, must have been sacredly called to their profession, and have little choice when called.

In modern society the status of these medicine men or woman has been translated into wealth.

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Most izinyanga plural of inyanga in urban areas have shops in which they have consulting rooms and from which they sell their medicines. Amathambo or the throwing of bones is the ability to consciously interpret though images or symbols produced by the arrangement or the bones that have been thrown, and apply them to the health of the patient.

There is no direct perception from the consultant to the doctor.

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In this method, the Sangoma goes into a trance to determine what is ailing the patient. This is simply an altered state of consciousness brought about by drugs, plants or in many cases self induced, as with autohypnosis. This form of diagnosis implies the ability to see or feel and interpret the various vibrations emitted by the patient almost like an aura. The doctor sits a few feet away from the patient and, without having to exchange words, he or she will physically perceive the pain actually experienced by the patient.

All tribal doctors have developed their unique methods of diagnosis and act intuitively. They seldom touch their patients to find the troubled part. To explain the phenomenon of those who have perceptive power is beyond rational understanding. It is an inborn gift which many Sangomas have inherited. These powers are called imimoya nayambibi. The izinyanga have learnt a great deal from various animals — their behaviour patterns, their natural resistance to injuries and poison, their strength, agility and cunning.

Thus, despite the toxicity of certain animal tissues, their bones, skin, teeth and viscera are often used ritualistically or medically.

Some plants are used as intelezi for their psychoactive virtues to keep evil away, calm fears, defeat rivals and shapes the future. Others are used for more scientific purposes to cure many illnesses. These herbal remedies can be prepared in many different ways.

The main methods are:- mpuphu powdered muti. Your Privacy is protected. Prev Next. Zulu Culture. Zulu traditional medicines — Umuthi. Facebook Comments.

types of muthi

Subscribe Now.Traditional African medicine in South Africa has made great strides in the past few years. Now that traditional African healers are accepted as informal health care workers, there is talk of consultations and medicines being paid for by medical aids in South Africa sometime in the future. Traditional African medicine involves the use of herbal concoctions and traditional rituals to treat a patient.

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There are two main types of traditional healers in South Africa — the sangoma and the inyanga. Both types of traditional healers may employ some methods of divination to diagnose the patient and decide upon the most appropriate course of treatment. Other practitioners may contact ancestor spirits to guide them accordingly. A herb known as imphepho Helichrysum odoratissimum may be burned to assist with communicating with the ancestor spirits.

Most traditional African herbal medicines are infusions — a combination of herbs are boiled and the brew is taken as prescribed. Other medicines may be used as inhalants when combined with boiling water. The availability of traditional African medicines has increased significantly over recent years with herbal brews now available in many pharmacies and retail stores.

Most are available as infusions. The herbal combinations differ among practitioners but a concerted effort is being made to standardise the prescription of African herbs for different ailments.

However studies across South Africa on the medicinal properties of African plants aims to identify pharmacologically active ingredients within these herbs that may prove effective in the treatment of certain diseases.

types of muthi

From immune boosters to detox concoctions and purgatives, traditional African medicine has found a niche market in South Africa. Although none of these concoctions have been proven to be effective when subjected to scientific testing, this has not stopped other healers from also making such bold claims and marketing their own products. Traditional African medicine is not as yet considered part of mainstream medicine in South Africa. Unlike some countries where complementary systems of medicine like homeopathy and acupuncture are now accessible in clinics and hospitals, South Africa has been slow to follow suit.

Complementary medicine in South Africa is still considered as alternative therapies to conventional medicine. While the consultation and treatment for some complementary therapies like homeopathy, phytotherapy herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are now covered by medical aids, traditional African medicine has not as yet enjoyed this level of acceptance. Traditional African medicine is undoubtedly here to stay and with time, the training and regulation of traditional healers may follow the path of other complementary systems of medicine available in South Africa.

Until then traditional African medicine will remain a part of African culture that is often frowned upon by the medical fraternity and other cultures who are ignorant about its uses. Complementary Medicine.